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The Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industry sector is one of the major drivers of innovation in the economy. Technology companies with advanced offerings are continuously leading the way in shaping the future. The UK is host to a vibrant start-up ecosystem in the technology space. Some of the world’s leading media companies are based in the UK and several globally recognized telecom companies also call UK their home.

Our specialist team for TMT brings together technologists who are passionate about shaping the future of technology. With a strong track record in helping TMT companies secure significant amounts of funding from various grants and developing compelling digital solutions, we take keen interest in the growth of this sector.


TMT Industry Challenges & Technology Implications

As a rapidly evolving sector and progressing at very fast pace, the technology industry needs solutions that can match the pace of the growth. Invenics is constantly investing in developing solutions and capabilities in this sector to enable clients to maintain the rapid pace of innovation. We offer a range of innovation funding services through incentives and grants, helping our clients secure generous amounts of cash from various government bodies for research and development.

We have extensive expertise of digital solutions in areas such as Full Stack Application Development, complex systems design, enterprise scale systems and mobile apps. For start-ups in this sector, we can help in shaping the idea through our rapid prototyping and development services. For the more established companies, we can offer a range of technology led innovations to connect systems, optimise operational costs, provide advanced reporting capabilities and deliver compelling analytics solutions. We utilise a range of modern technologies and frameworks including AI, ML and RPA to develop best in class solutions.


  • Rapid prototyping for new concepts and application development
  • Shaping the product through our labs
  • Scaling up technology delivery through focused teams
  • Funding expertise through grants and incentives


  • Transformation of finance and other associated systems to target efficiency
  • Assistance in developing strong user centric designs
  • Development of workflow solutions to simplify processes
  • Global funding from international sources


  • Development of cutting edge applications for supplementing core systems
  • Enterprise applications integration
  • Technology consulting to shape next generation platforms
  • Funding expertise to maximise ROI on infrastructure development

Our specialist innovation and technology consultants can help you create advanced solutions in the above areas to cover a variety of propositions.

Industry Challenge
Our TMT Experts
Krishnan Kumar
Krishnan Kumar


Krishnan has extensive experience in the TMT sector, both as a software developer and as an advisor to some of the largest companies in the world over the course of his 23 year career. Krishnan’s early career included a software development role with Novell, a leading provider of networking software and solutions where he worked on the development of user identity and access management technologies. As an advisor he has worked with 4 of the largest telecom companies in the UK, 3 of the leading technology companies in the world and several FTSE and mid-sized businesses in the TMT sector in areas around innovation lifecycle services including R&D tax credits and grants. Krishnan also retains a strong interest in developing SaaS products and applications utilising the latest technology frameworks and AI concepts. Krishnan has a strong academic record and holds an Integrated Master’s degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

Souvik Dey
Souvik Dey


Souvik heads Innovation Incentives & Product operations in the UK. He is a versatile professional with a successful track record of over 10 years in the TMT industry, especially in Innovation Incentives space and over 12 years overall in UK technology landscape. Souvik is an ex-Disruptive Technologies lead with 9 years of experience at Deloitte UK and has worked closely with CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and technical leads of several major players in the TMT industry.

Souvik has led over 200 client engagements ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100 which includes some of the very big names in the TMT industry, while successfully generating and securing over £1 Billion qualifying R&D expenditure. Souvik’s experience also includes managing the delivery of emerging AI and Digital solutions, product development and client strategy, specifically focusing on end-to-end lifecycle planning, commercials, launches and operations in the TMT market.

Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman

Associate Director, Business Development & Sales

Martin has over 10 years of experience working mainly in Innovation Incentives which includes R&D Tax incentives and grant funding for organisations who want to grow in their sector. Martin has a great track record working with diverse organisations from large multinationals to SME’s across multiple industries including TMT and continues to establish and maintain strong relationships and trust amongst our client portfolio. Martin also works closely across other service lines within Invenics to provide a holistic 360 degree service to our clients. Among Martin’s clients are some of the leading providers of technology solutions in the Internet of Things sector as well as companies engaged in the development of highly secure technologies for usage in defence applications.