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Souvik Dey joins us as Director, UK – Innovation & Product Operations. Souvik is a versatile professional with excellent understanding of the UK technology and product landscape. His most recent role was as an Associate Director with Deloitte, UK where he led several initiatives within the Deloitte Ventures group as a lead in Disruptive Technologies focusing on emerging AI and Digital solutions.

He was recently responsible for managing the end-to-end lifecycle of a large multi-million pounds implementation project to modernise the internal systems within Deloitte with advanced digital and AI products. Prior to this, he spent nearly 8 years in the R&D tax services team at Deloitte leading and securing claims for companies of all sizes and complexities ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100.

He has a strong academic background including Master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Sheffield. With his varied experience, Souvik is very well positioned to make a difference in multiple areas within Invenics. He will lead part of our Innovation Incentives service and also take a dedicated role in product development/client strategy, specifically focusing on end-to-end lifecycle planning, commercials, launches and operations. His natural persona and interest in ESG will benefit Invenics and contribute back to the society.


“I have always been one to take the road less travelled, I truly believe that it’s the only way we grow. Whether it was being the only member of the family to move continents at a young age, or challenging myself daily by leading a range of new and exciting initiatives during my time at Deloitte. I have always found the learning curve hugely rewarding and try to take time to reflect and learn from each and every experience. As I embark, once again, on a brand new adventure, I welcome the learnings and opportunities that lie ahead, and I could not be more thrilled to join the wonderful Invenics family. Innovative technology will be paramount in shaping our businesses over the next few years. I am excited to share my experiences with the talented individuals that have made Invenics such a success, building on these accomplishments to take the company to new heights. I truly believe the vision, talent, ESG mission, care and nurturing values the firm has for its employees and I cannot wait to see what the journey ahead holds.”


“We are thrilled to have Souvik on board. He brings a huge wealth of experience in innovation, having specialised in this field for a number of years with world class organisations. With Souvik’s leadership and positive energy, we can transform Invenics to the next level in the areas of innovation incentives as well as product development. His recent experience as a Disruptive Technology lead puts him in an excellent position to drive our product strategy and operations forward. I am really looking forward to working with Souvik and his contributions in scripting the next chapter of the Invenics growth story.”


“Welcome 😊. I am thrilled and very glad to have Souvik Dey as the Director, Innovation & Product Operations, UK. Souvik’s deep expertise and vast experience in innovation incentives and disruptive technologies will assist Invenics to launch novel products for customers and consumers in the Artificial Intelligence space. I am sure, the New Year has kick started for Invenics with Souvik’s arrival where Invenics can make a mark as a true innovator in the technology market”