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We bring automation and innovation incentives to Oil & Gas, so that you can get the best out of your technical and financial work with our assistance

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Manually dealing with your technical and financial requirements can be a tough and tedious task in the Oil & Gas industry given the voluminous amount and diversity of data/information. It has been so for the past several decades, but now with Automation, AI, and ML, we aim to streamline and accelerate the activities that require human interface through personalized robots, which can be designed to achieve the specified objectives and deployed at appropriate points in the workflows. In addition to the benefits of acceleration and precision, such robots also eliminate the odds of missing something. To know more about how we can assist you with an RPA process in Oil & Gas

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What We Do

Invenics offers a broad range of services for the Oil & Gas industry, both technical and financial. Our in-house experts, in collaboration with seasoned professionals from the Oil & Gas industry with global experience, have identified several areas where digitization can yield significant benefits to the companies. While Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can accelerate the workflows and reduce the timeframe/costs for delivery of the ultimate technical goals, the same working principles can be applied to finance and procurement processes for a variety of tasks to simplify and streamline workflows and create powerful management reporting systems.

Invenics is actively working towards building innovative software packages and applications that can be made available to companies to illustrate the merits of such products.

What we do

Oil & Gas - Innovation Incentives

Invenics offers a broad range of services for the Oil & Gas industry, both technical and financial assistance available from governments globally for Innovation related incentives, especially in the form of Research and Development Tax and various new green and renewable energy services. Our in-house experts, in collaboration with seasoned professionals from the Oil & Gas industry with global experience, have experience in the area of generous schemes that includes in assisting companies successfully in developing robust data gathering, analysis and claim preparation process. We work closely with our clients on-site and off-site engineers, technical leads, software and hardware specialists, finance and tax leads to create comprehensive reports producing significant positive investment and business impact to our clients in this industry.

  • R&D Claim planning and preparation
  • Quick collation of data and detailed analysis for potential value add 
  • Development of detailed technical research reports 
  • Collaboration with cross-services across financial, tax and technical teams
  • Supporting with any assistance necessary by working together with government bodies

Oil & Gas - Robotic Process Automation in Technical Areas

The Oil & Gas industry is steadily opening to digitalisation opportunities to enhance efficiencies in various work areas and facilitate better process management. The conventional systems that have been in place for several years are being revisited and challenged to identify the scope of minimizing/substituting human intervention in routine and repetitive tasks with automated solutions.

This can not only result in increment of operational efficiency but can also allow the time of professionals to be used effectively towards more value adding work - analytical and strategic. Invenics has identified the following areas in this respect and is actively building demonstration packages for the same.

  • Automation of end-of-well-report (EOWR) preparation
  • Quick collation of data from data rooms to assist in bidding rounds
  • Automation of simulation input preparation and post processing
  • Customized automation of daily reporting and management reporting
  • Surface facilities optimisation Carbon capture & tax break

Oil & Gas - Robotic Process Automation in Finance/Procurement Areas

Oil & Gas companies invariably have several disciplines and departments to manage, all of which have an interface with the Finance and Procurement to support exploration, development and production operations. Even in small companies, this requires extensive process set up and documentation and requires follow up.

Arguably in big companies, which operate within a joint venture set up, such process can include various layers of additional administrative and financial controls. Invenics can build products that can not only help to automate tedious and routine tasks but also accelerate approvals and provide real time reporting.

  • Invoice management, processing and reconciliation solutions
  • End-to-end budget monitoring and reporting of actuals vs budget solutions
  • Tender preparation and evaluation solutions
  • GST (Goods & Services Tax) reconciliations solutions
  • VAT reconciliationssolutions
  • Integration between different data solutions
  • sources and customisation of solutions

Our Profile and Expertise

Invenics aims to be a specialist service provider for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Energy Industry, starting with the Oil & Gas industry. Our team has extensive experience in this domain. We can assist companies in their end-to-end processes by leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our team comprises of highly talented individuals with varied experience in several areas of Oil & Gas industry, who can work in tandem with a strong team of developers to design and implement customised solutions.

Profile and expertise
Our Oil and Gas Experts
Rajan Kumar
Rajan Kumar


Rajan is an accomplished leader having worked in the industry for over 30 years in senior roles, primarily in the upstream Oil & Gas sector.
Having held senior positions with large multinational and listed companies like ONGC, Cairn Energy, British Gas and ROC Oil, Rajan has substantial experience of building organisations whilst engaging with partners, suppliers, regulatory bodies and government departments. He has been responsible for looking after technical strategy, operations, engineering, IT solutions, finance and HR in complex projects worth several hundred million $. As a Petroleum Engineer by qualification, Rajan is one the leading experts in reservoir engineering having presented whitepapers at various international conferences.

Arnab Dutta
Arnab Dutta


Arnab is seasoned technologist with over 15 years of experience a strong technology background in multiple sectors, having served as a technical co-founder for a start-up focused on data-driven risk solutions for banking products, including Credit Risk (PD, LGD, EAD) solutions, Core Systems integration, modern data architectures, cloud transformation and mainframe modernisation.. He has worked closely with CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, Actuaries and Customer Services Heads to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of the business. Arnab is leading the development of new Oil & Gas products such as End of Well (EOW) automation and ESG reporting. His expertise in enterprise software development and technology consulting make him well-suited to help drive innovation and growth in the Oil & Gas industry.

Preeti Thukaram
Preeti Thukaram

Associate Director, Automation

Preeti leads the Automation service line at Invenics and oversees all aspects of the delivery process- from design, development to deployment. She helps create digital transformation roadmaps for customers. She is actively involved in developing and building our offshore development / technical sales teams is actively engaged with our various automation partners. She has a strong understanding of automation techniques applied in various areas of Oil & Gas operations and has developed prototype solutions for both technical and non technical applications within the sector. Preeti is also an ESG champion within Invenics and is responsible for creating, managing and volunteering across a portfolio of wellness, mentorship, diversity and charitable initiatives across Invenics.