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Manufacturing in the digital age is evolving at a very rapid pace. Industry 4.0 concepts are playing a major role in reshaping how companies manufacture and distribute their products. Technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), AutoML powered by sophisticated robotic systems are leading the way in defining the future of this industry sector. Increased automation, development of predictive maintenance systems, auto learning processes that can optimize themselves and smart factories are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Our team includes specialists with rich experience of working in this sector having helped a number of clients to organise and optimise various aspects of their manufacturing operations. We have a strong technical understanding of this sector which enables us to secure generous cash funding for our clients through various incentive schemes. Our IoT expertise together with strong focus on areas such as AutoML means we are constantly at the forefront of developing advanced digital solutions in this area.


Manufacturing industry challenges and technology implications

The manufacturing industry is facing significant change in the face of advancing technology solutions with automation and robotics playing a key role. Industry 4.0 concepts for enhancing and optimising production are still evolving and most organisations are unable to assimilate them in their existing processes which may be legacy. At the same time the highly connected nature of the global supply chains has resulted in both opportunities and challenges in terms of planning and optimisations. 

We have extensive practical experience of securing funding for manufacturing companies in areas such as product design, prototype development and process improvements. Our experts have rich experience of implementing large scale solutions for enterprise planning, supply chain optimisation and Industry 4.0 point solutions involving IoT and AutoML. We have extensive experience of developing bespoke applications that provide improved visibility into the manufacturing processes and outputs. We power the ability to visualise production through intelligent analytics and dashboard solutions that simplify reporting.


Industry 4.0

  • Technology consulting to optimise existing systems and modernise
  • Development of new concepts and solutions involving IoT and AutoML
  • Design of digital solutions around existing ERP and supply chain systems to provide better visibility
  • Funding expertise through grants and incentives for future systems

Process Optimisation

  • Transformation of finance and other associated systems to target efficiency
  • Cloud migration of existing systems to connect them with internal and external processes
  • Development of bespoke solutions for reporting and better visibility
  • Securing funding for transformation programs from government incentives

Enterprise Systems

  • Development of targeted digital solutions on top of existing enterprise systems such as SAP
  • Integration between existing enterprise systems for improved workflows
  • Technology consulting to shape next generation platforms
  • Funding expertise to maximise ROI on packaged solution implementation

Our specialist innovation and technology consultants can help you shape the future strategy that helps you step forward into Industry 4.0 with confidence, whilst also powering the returns from your existing systems and processes.

Industry Challenge
Our Manufacturing Experts
Krishnan Kumar
Krishnan Kumar


Krishnan has strong experience of the Manufacturing sector, both as a software developer and as an advisor to some of the largest companies in the world over the course of his 23 year career. Krishnan’s early career included a software development role with i2 Technologies, a leading provider of supply chain software where he worked as the technical architect on the main supply chain planning product used by some of the largest companies in the world. As an advisor he has worked with several FTSE and mid-sized businesses in the Manufacturing sector covering automotive, electrical components, transportation equipment and heavy machinery. His work in the innovation lifecycle services including R&D tax credits and grants has enabled a number of manufactures to secure substantial cash benefits. Krishnan also retains a strong interest in developing SaaS products and applications utilising the latest technology frameworks and AI concepts. Krishnan has a strong academic record and holds an Integrated Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.

Aniket Tare
Aniket Tare


Aniket is a Director in SAP Digital and has extensive experience in enterprise data management, data integration and architecture especially in ERP space. His experience covers several years delivering ERP solutions to large manufacturing and consumer goods clients. Some experiences worth noting are implementation of SAP based ERP system and integration with non-SAP POS and production planning systems for a UK national kitchen manufacturer and delivery of SAP based master data management system for a global consumer goods company.

Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas

Senior Manager

Steve is a seasoned Business Development Senior Manager with more than 18 successful years working in sport in various commercial and sponsorship positions for a Premier League football club. Steve moved into the finance sector with a successful track record and a wealth of skill within in the Research and Development (R&D) sector where he has successfully worked on claims from SMEs to those listed on the FTSE 250. His clients include manufactures of variety of equipment and companies engaged in production looking at optimising their systems. He has also worked with several businesses in the chemicals and transportation related sectors as a trusted advisor.