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Empowering Your Business Funding with Invenics

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11 Oct 2023

Innovation is the key to success in today’s dynamic corporate environment. Utilising incentives like R&D tax credits and UK innovation grants can greatly advance organisations. We at Invenics are more than just a consulting company; we are a singular 360-degree innovation-focused organisation that helps clients at every stage of the innovation lifecycle.

Key Metrics Reflecting Our Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to excellence distinguishes us in a time of unmatched change and innovation. We take great satisfaction in being one of the fastest-growing independently-owned companies committed to promoting innovation. We have a strong global presence and have offices in the UK, Canada, and India. Key measures that accurately show our unwavering desire for innovation and excellence serve as a reminder of our success:

  • Exceptional Talent Pool: We are proud to have over 100 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) working for our company, all of whom are experts in various fields of technology. Our Invenics Associates are an impressive force of technological know-how ready to propel innovation within your business. They are a diversified group of architects, data scientists, cloud specialists, and AI engineers.
  • Diverse Clientele: Our customer list serves as evidence of our dedication to quality. We provide our services to FTSE-listed companies, multinational firms, premier financial institutions, and ground-breaking software innovators. We have produced a significant return on investment (ROI) of more than £100 million for our clients over the years.
  • Premier R&D Tax Credits Service Team: One of the largest R&D Tax Credits support teams in the UK has formed a strategic agreement with us. Our expertise in the field guarantees that our clients have access to top-tier knowledge, improving their efforts to innovate.
  • Proven Track Record: Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience, and we have a successful history in the field of R&D Tax. Our knowledge has helped our clients save more than £1 billion, enabling them to build and sustain their businesses.
  • Technological Prowess: Our company has several skilled software engineers who are not just knowledgeable with R&D Tax. They play a key role in developing cutting-edge tools and products for a variety of clients, including FTSE100 firms.
  • Multidisciplinary Consultants: With a team of over 90 experts, each with a range of technological and scientific specialties, we provide an all-encompassing approach to innovation. We can supply complete solutions across a range of industries thanks to our vast expertise base.

Our team’s combined professional experience over their careers includes:

  • Over 1,150 Clients
  • Over 300 FTSE100 & PLC Companies
  • Identify £9 Billion+ in Qualifying R&D Expenditure
  • Achieve Savings Exceeding £1 Billion

Our commitment to innovation excellence and our steadfast focus on promoting our clients’ success across a variety of industry sectors are embodied in these important KPIs. Partnering with us means deciding on a route to innovation that produces outstanding outcomes.

Financial Benefits

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can profit from R&D Tax Credits by getting anywhere from 18% to 33% (16.3% – 21.5% starting in April 2023) of the project expenditures that qualify. Companies that are both profitable and in tax loss position can benefit.—profit-making corporations can benefit from a reduction in payable tax or a refund of taxes overpaid, while loss-making companies can stretch losses to carry forward/backward or swap them for cash. Large Companies can also benefit up to c 10.5% (15%-16.2% starting in April 2023) of the project costs that qualify.

Our Expertise in Action

Our team of world-class technology specialists has regularly provided successful claims, assuring compliance with governmental agencies, thanks to our unmatched industry knowledge spanning different sectors. By UK legal requirements, we discover opportunities using our experience.

Our deep technical quality in R&D assessments, UK Innovation Grants and technical reporting, unrivaled track record in successful R&D claims with HMRC, and highly qualified technical, engineering, and finance specialists are all dedicated to achieving one overarching goal—360-degree business innovation.

Our Approach to Streamlined Innovation

Our dedication to innovation extends beyond platitudes and monetary gains. We think you should be given the tools to simplify and enhance your innovation process going forward. We generally expect that we will produce the R&D claim to you within 4-6 weeks (depending on the size of the company, projects, availability of data, and your technical team). This is made possible by our clear and effective methodology combined with a highly personalised service.

The indicative steps below provide an overview of the process and the timelines involved:

  • Initiation: We kickstart the process and engage with your team.
  • Data Collection: We gather and analyse technical and financial data.
  • Technical Assessment: Our experts evaluate the technical work performed.
  • Claim Documentation: We prepare the claim documentation.
  • Submission: We submit the claim to HMRC.
  • Review and Feedback: We engage with HMRC and address any inquiries.
  • Payment: You receive your R&D Tax Credit payment.

Improving Your Process with Technology & Automation

Our technology skill, along with our years of experience and understanding of tax incentives, motivates us to constantly develop new tools and procedures as an innovation-focused technology company. Our goal is to make your R&D Tax claim preparation even better going forward while lowering overhead.

Whether you are a small firm or a huge corporation, we collaborate closely with you as a true partner in your innovation lifecycle. Our objective is to equip your company with the knowledge and resources it needs to not only realise the full potential of its innovation but also to establish a simplified and effective procedure for future innovation projects.

Partnering with Invenics is a seamless process. Reach out to us by dialing +44 (0) 2045 3791 23 or sending an email to info@invenics.com.

You can also explore our website for detailed information on how we can elevate your innovation journey.

Embrace the future with Invenics, where innovation and success converge, and redefine the trajectory of your business.