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02 Nov'22

We are less than three months away from 2023 and Mobile Application Strategies in various organisations are becoming extremely popular. There is a huge demand to accelerate web and mobile App Development in the industry today and plenty of new post-app technologies to explore.

If you are already undertaking mobile/web app development initiatives, or looking into chatbots and emerging/immersive technologies, then these points below should be relevant.

The significant rudiments required to scale mobile app development

For a very long time now, surveys have recognized that organizations are developing extremely low number of applications than the projected demands. Application owners require enhanced understanding of tools/architecture/techniques to propel effective and scalable mobile/web application approaches that meet the abundant nature of mobility in the organisation.

new era of immensive technologyVital impact of android upgrades on mobile app development and user experience

Software upgrades could sometimes be disruptive. Application spearheads must consider and capitalise on the impact and take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies will have on Android apps, their user experience and their overall mobile application strategies.

Use cases for automation/chatbots in the technology world today

Automation and bots are rapidly entering, increasing and capturing the market, but how much does chatbots and automation matter in the company? Application owners must consider including Chatbots/RPAs in the mobile/web application strategies to stay with the trend. Failing to do so could potentially disrupt staff patterns and interaction with no enterprise involvement, this could be catastrophic for companies.

Emerging/immersive technologies provide unlimited possibilities

Application leaders must consider the potential of emerging/immersive technologies to add additional value to their application portfolios, meet business requirements for these technologies, and shift to a post-application approach as significant part of their mobile/web and digital application strategies.

Invenics Application Development service

At Invenics, we pride ourselves in delivering some of the most meaningful and complex software solutions. Our expertise across multiple industries and application development environments mean we can fully customise and cater to the needs of your business and teams. We specialise in multiple app dev techs including Microsoft, UiPath, AWS, SAP and various other open source platforms.

Our custom applications provide best-in-class capabilities in the following areas

  • Data Science & Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Applications
  • Security & Workflow Solutions
  • Large-scale Processing
  • APIs & Integration
  • Custom Business Solutions

For more details, please contact our Associate Director, Rajiv Bedi at rajiv.bedi@invenics.com

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