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Technology Analyst, Innovation Incentives

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26 Oct 2022

Personal life & work role

1. Tell us something about yourself and your role at Invenics?

I am a business analyst at Invenics and work across both the Innovation Incentives and Product Development teams. I re-joined as an analyst after completing the first round of summer internship with Invenics. I completed my degree in Business Economics (BSc) at the University of Exeter and saw the growth of Invenics, which made me really excited about the opportunity of re-joining.


2. Describe your typical day at Invenics.

My work at Invenics largely consists of interviewing clients (both SMEs and Enterprises) and assisting in the preparation of their technical reports to receive tax returns from the government of UK for any R&D and innovation that they completed in the preceding years. Alongside this, I also cater to project management responsibilities with a large client and ensure systematic completion of this project. Apart from this, I also have the freedom to explore aspects of Application Development, social media, and marketing strategies for the company.

3. How does Invenics help with your work life balance?

Flexibility is one of the greatest parts about working at Invenics. The culture very much allows you to have a great work-life balance with the opportunity to WFH or the office, or even take-up flexible hours. The leadership and management here keep utmost trust that you will excel in your role without the need of any micro-management.

Nature of work

1. Describe the kind of clients and/or teams (cross-functional or otherwise) do you work with?

I primarily collaborate with a large client that outsources Invenics as an IT specialists. This gives me the opportunity to work with a range of different clients, as well as with a consistent group from another service provider to Invenics.

2. What keeps you motivated and/or challenges you at Invenics?

The opportunity to gain experience keeps me motivated here. Having been at Invenics for just one year my learning from the senior professionals has been incredibly good. Being surrounded with so much experience opens plenty of new ways to thinking and experiencing newer ideas, which help broaden one’s visualisation.

Career development aspects

1. What opportunities do you get here at Invenics for a brighter and better career?

Within two months of working at Invenics, I had the opportunity to present and lead a large business partner on a fortnightly basis. This was a great boost to my confidence in areas of public speaking and learning. Entrusting me with such serious business dealings gave me the x-factor to excel in my field within no time.

2. What new skills or knowledge did you acquire here since joining?

Understanding business processes has been the key learning to see how to professionally deal with clients. Despite being taught aspects of this in the classroom, experiencing this in practice has accelerated my learning and understanding of this far more significantly.

Work culture & Office

1. How would you describe the overall work / office environment, colleagues, and culture at Invenics?

Excellent! Despite being the youngest permanent employee at Invenics, I always feel valued as a contributing member of the team. I am trusted to take new initiatives, train fresh staff, and interact with clients on a daily basis. Also, I get the opportunity to catch-up frequently with the senior members of the team. Their experience is valuable to me in helping me guide my career.

The colleagues at Invenics are incredibly supportive and you always have the freedom to pursue your to-dos without being supervised on a regular basis. We are also free to choose between any number of WFH or office routines with no questions asked.

2. How would you describe the culture of leadership and management team?

Great! The leadership team are consistently reaching out and ensuring a few things: (i) my personal wellbeing, (ii) workload (iii) enjoyment of work. The management is very supportive of your personal choices and decisions and in-order to keep a healthy work-life balance your personal commitments are always given top priority here. Added to it there are no restrictions on the leaves you wish to avail.

3. What are some of the company benefits which you enjoy the most from perks, wellness, team activities etc.?

The team days out are great fun, not to mention the team lunches almost every week! Added to it we at invenics avail benefits like life insurance, pension contribution, and employee share plan.

4. What would you share with anyone seeking a position at Invenics?

I would immediately highlight the culture and the benefits of working in such a great community (flexibility, open communication, great fun). And then also highlight the work, having an opportunity to work in tech and be at the forefront of innovation is exciting, and you feel you can make an impact.