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A day in the life of Martin Freeman

Senior Business Development Innovation Incentives

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29 Nov 2022

Personal life & work role

1. Tell us something about yourself and your role at Invenics?

I have been at Invenics now for 2 years and I’ve been working on the sales side of the business. It has mainly been on Innovation Incentives however I have also been involved on the Automation side which is RPA. I still do sell this service I would say I spend 10% of my time on RPA. It’s been an amazing learning experience being part of a growing company and I’m fortunate enough to have been here from nearly the start. Prior to working full time, I was a professional rugby player for Worcester Warriors who are no more and recently Richmond RFC. I still try to stay fit and healthy and I’ve brought some of that energy to Invenics.

Martin Freeman

2. Describe your typical day at Invenics.

My work at Invenics mainly involves meeting new organisations who we believe are involved in innovation activities both SME’s and Large companies. I prospect them which means I seek them out, arrange a call or a face to face to meeting, (which really enjoy) form a relationship, understand their organisation and what they do and explain how we can help them make a robust R&D Claim. I’m in the office a few days a week and at home the rest unless I am out on a client site. I’m not limited to a certain area in the UK, I go everywhere and anywhere the prospects are to show how committed we are. It also helps build a relationship and eventually trust because it allows you to see the white of persons eyes in order to make an informed decision.

3. How does Invenics help with your work life balance?

Invenics is the first organisation I’ve worked for that has taken the saying ‘work hard play hard’ very seriously. My colleagues are very committed to their work, which makes Invenics also very committed to making sure everyone is happy. Invenics ensures that there is as much work being done as well as colleagues enjoying being at work. The door is open for employees to organise events which brings us together and also the flexibility of working from home.

Nature of work

1. Describe the kind of clients and/or teams (cross-functional or otherwise) do you work with?

I working a variety of clients, some very large and some very small. Working in sales I am not limited by the size of the organisation. I also work on the Robotics Process Automation part of Invenics which opens me up to a whole new learning. It gives when great experience as well as an new or selling.

2. What keeps you motivated and/or challenges you at Invenics?

The opportunity to learn from so many different teams, like the product development and RPA. I am always looking for new ways of getting better and taking on new opportunities and challenges. Not only on the external client side but on the internal work. Invenics has different training and personal development programmes which gives you new experiences and it’s up to you to indulge your curiosity and expanding your world. There are so many highly qualified individuals at Invenics, one is spoilt for choice as to who get information from. And everyone is so helpful which makes it so much easier to learn and gain experience.

Career development aspects

1. What opportunities do you get here at Invenics for a brighter and better career? 

Invenics gives you the chance to write your own career path, what you dream of doing within the company, one of the leaders will help facilitate this. When I joined I wanted the opportunity of leading my own team organically by learning from my peers and the leaders at Invenics. Invenics have a external leadership programme to help me and to make this possible. It takes hard work at first to prove your worth as with most things, however when you do the doors will be open for you make your own path. The role I’m in helps with this as I’m surrounded by leaders of my own organisation and other people so I’m constantly learning.

2. What new skills or knowledge did you acquire here since joining?

My internal communication has greatly improved and leadership has also go vastly better. I acquired new of knowledge of something I had no idea about in RPA and I can only see it getting better.

Work culture & Office

1. How would you describe the overall work / office environment, colleagues, and culture at Invenics?

The culture, environment and colleagues at Invenics are AMAZING! Anyone starting their first day at Invenics will feel at home and part of something from the day they walk in the door. Your first day of school, work or university is always daunting however when you meeting like-minded people your fears immediately subside, this what it’s like coming to work for Invenics. My work is very self-motivated, so most of my time is spent on my own however being in the office environments helps create a buzz and gives you confidence to keep striving to be better. I work closely with senior member to bring in clients which helps my learning process also. The culture is one of Family and you feel supported by every member of the Invenics family.

2. How would you describe the culture of leadership and management team?

Culture in my opinion comes from a strong leadership for better or for worse and I can whole heartly say that Invenics leaders have provided the culture that I described above. Not only are they making sure new members of staff are welcome, they are also making sure current staff are happy and are still reaching their goals set. I feel very supported by the leadership team to achieve and also lead in the best way. This filters down to the most junior members of staff which instils confidence. If there are personal commitments as long as its communicated, the management team will also allow you to make this a priority.

3. What are some of the company benefits which you enjoy the most – rom perks, wellness, team activities etc.?

The team days out are great, the flexibility of the company in terms of work life balance. I especially enjoy the events are there organise by my colleagues and we have started a great trend with Snowdonia then the Lake District as weekends away.

4. What would you share with anyone seeking a position at Invenics?

The culture at Invenics, the flexibility and being part of a family where employees genuinely care about your wellbeing. Work hard play hard, be prepared to work hard and you will see all the benefits come your way, it sounds like a cliché or from a film but you have to see it to believe it.