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26 Oct 2022

Personal life & work role

1. Tell us something about yourself and your role at Invenics?

I completed my Bachelors in Physics and went on to pursue a Masters in Computer Applications for my interest in computer applications. This led me to make a career in mobile application development, Full Stack Development, wherein I progressed to become a team lead and a manager. Over the course of my 10 years career, I have helped more than five organizations increase revenue at their destinations.

Here at Invenics, I work as Manager, Digital SAP primarily taking care of onboarding new employees, supporting as Zen Master for our client, data modelling and migration, and securing the overall infrastructure. As a key responsibility I help the team in growing efficiently as well as in achieving desired results in data management.


2. Describe your typical day at Invenics.

On any typical day at work, I usually remain engaged in assisting my teams in preparing data for predictions. We run multiple data pipelines for modelling and migration. Similarly, there are several projects around supporting other SAP teams. Added to it, I also devote a portion of my day in keeping a check for overall secure infrastructure, employee onboarding, and network security.

A few challenges that might come in sometimes include – the amount of data to be migrated or modelled might take more time and can sometimes be unpredictable. This hugely depends on the kind of format we aggregate the data in. Certain data formats can also be challenging sometimes to migrate, model, and format the data.

3. How does Invenics help with your work life balance?

Invenics provides a healthy work-life balance atmosphere for all its employees. We get more flexibility in working hours that anywhere else. Our performances are based on impact and results, not on the number of hours spent on the desk. We keep ourselves productive by assigning clear deliverables to specific deadlines. Also, working here is not just limited to working from the office, Invenics also allows remote operations to all its employees. Encouragement to go on annual holidays, take quality time-off to spend with family, and ‘no-work on weekends are just a few more good aspect that the company takes care of. Just to add, we have no overlapping meetings here, and none of these ever extend beyond working hours.

Nature of work

1. Describe the kind of clients and/or teams (cross-functional or otherwise) do you work with?

The majority of my work involves providing offshore delivery services to Invenics UK. Data cleansing based on business rules is my primary responsibility. In addition, I handle data transformation operations, supported by 4-5 SAP teams.

2. What keeps you motivated and/or challenges you at Invenics?

The consideration that the company keeps for its employees is my primary motivation. The excellent leadership here challenges me to accomplish and learn more alongside my routines.

Working at Invenics, everything seems pretty much balanced and well taken care of. To give an example, we recently shifted to a new office, and the initial setup for all employees and aspects of network security were challenging to accomplish in a short span of time. But the overwhelming support that everyone extends is outstanding and doesn’t leave you exhausted. Adapting to the new norms and recent hirings have given the extra spirit to contribute.

Career development aspects

1. What opportunities do you get here at Invenics for a brighter and better career?

The flexibility with work hours and the support Invenics provides is unparallel. I can mould my schedule into something that fits my lifestyle, which is by far the biggest factor here. Invenics also provide us with all the training that we would need to best fit our roles. We recently concluded a professional development training here.

2. What new skills or knowledge did you acquire here since joining?

As part of my job undertaking new responsibilities, I happened to enhance my Python knowledge at Invenics and got more insights on applications based on pipeline Engine that use a flow-based programming paradigm. Also, as I entered SAP Digital Intelligence, I got an opportunity to operate with data. Data is the new oil and getting hands-on experience in analysing and ingesting new type of datasets gave me a completely different perspective. Going forward, these skills in preparing and analysing the data will be a big boost to my career. Converting data to knowledgeable resources gives me overwhelming satisfaction.

Work culture & Office

1. How would you describe the overall work / office environment, colleagues, and culture at Invenics?

The overall work culture and office environment is very supportive and concerning. Invenics is a very encouraging space. It is a safe space to make mistakes and gives you ample opportunity in peer-to-peer learning; and every good job is appreciated and recognized here.

The culture is very friendly, and the teams are very collaborative. Nobody likes seeing our fellow data engineers getting stuck, so we help each other wherever we can. In a line I’d say, since I’ve joined, I have always looked forward to spending great days at work instead of counting the days to the weekend.

2. How would you describe the culture of leadership and management team?

The management and leadership team here take concern of your personal wellbeing and work-life balance. There are no restrictions to availing leaves and taking personal time-off, rather you’d see everyone going on annual leaves once a year. The company under the able leadership of its founders is well advanced in treating employees in the best manner possible. There are no complicated regulations in the overall hierarchy within the organisation, and everyone is free to connect with the leadership. The company is also mindful of maintaining a diverse balance while hiring its employees.

3. What are some of the company benefits which you enjoy the most rom perks, wellness, team activities etc.?

I am thrilled to work with a team of exceptionally talented people where we constantly learn from one another. Each employee personifies the company’s value of “Stronger Together,” without exaggeration. The company extends a health and term insurance to all employees, and there are several trainings and team building activities that we remain a part of.

4. What would you share with anyone seeking a position at Invenics?

For anyone seeking a position here at Invenics, I’d say it is one of the finest places to begin your career at. Not only do you get support within your field, but you are also free to explore new domains and technologies; if it strikes an interest in you.