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A day in the life of Gourab

Manager, Innovation Incentives

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26 Oct 2022

Personal life & work role


1. Tell us something about yourself and your role at Invenics?

Hi, I am Gourab! I was born and spent most of my childhood in Kolkata, India. I am a Computer Science engineer and pursued my post-graduation degree in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow. I joined Invenics around March 2020 and was the fifth employee within the firm. Currently, I work as a Technology Innovation Manager and also lead the Early Careers programme for Invenics.

2. Describe your typical day at Invenics.

My typical day at work starts with a coffee and greeting my teammates and with a lot of enthusiasm. Attending client meetings, preparing reports and presentations, interacting with universities (related to career events and recruitment), making project plans, working on some operational tasks, interacting with our cross-functional team, and catching up with them are part of my daily activities.

3. How does Invenics help with your work life balance?

After working for more than a decade in few big MNCs, Big 4 organisations, I can clearly vouch that Invenics offers an amazing work-life balance and is a great place to work. We are offered flexible and remote working option and the workload is regularly reviewed by the leadership team, who encourages us to focus on productivity rather than hours. We have several wellness benefits and work in a culture driven by trust, effective communication, and respect for every individual.

Nature of work

1. Describe the kind of clients and/or teams (cross-functional or otherwise) do you work with?

Mostly I work on managing technical work for clients in domains like Telecom, IT, ITES, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, etc. to name a few. The team I work with is a mix of new and experienced hires from various background and field of study which makes it very diverse and interesting.

2. What keeps you motivated and/or challenges you at Invenics?

Invenics provides me a platform to explore my skills and unknown capabilities, to learn and empowers me to try various things within the organisation, which is a big motivator for me. I feel like a valued individual rather than just an employee. Working on tight deadlines is always challenging, but I am fortunate enough to receive proactive support from the leadership team which makes the work look much easier.

Career development aspects

1. What opportunities do you get here at Invenics for a brighter and better career?

At Invenics I always get opportunities to learn and explore new technologies. I also learn a lot from my experienced teammates, who are always ready to share their knowledge. At Invenics I can work on various engagements and explore different types of work, outside my assigned service line, which I feel is great for my learning and growth. Due to the nature of the role I am in, there is always a scope for significant learning around new and emerging areas of technical innovation and exploring works performed within the various service lines, all the time. And most importantly, my leadership team bestows a sense of trust and empowerment whenever I am assigned a new project to lead and motivates, guides, and encourages me all through.

2. What new skills or knowledge did you acquire here since joining?

After joining Invenics, I could feel my team management and communication skills have improved significantly. I have learnt to build an inclusive team and work towards our common goal together. Also, I have learnt a great deal on effective client interaction and operational side of the business.

Work culture & Office

1. How would you describe the overall work / office environment, colleagues, and culture at Invenics?

At Invenics, I feel like I am working in a family where everyone in approachable, friendly, and keen to support me always. We have a wonderful people centric culture where every idea, every person is valued. My teammates are just like my friends, and I share a great rapport with them.

2. How would you describe the culture of leadership and management team?

The leadership team at Invenics is absolute transparent, open, honest and treats everyone equally. Just like a true leader who leads by examples!

3. What are some of the company benefits which you enjoy the most – from perks, wellness, team activities etc.?

Invenics offers an excellent work-life balance, organises several events and team bonding exercises. I really look forward to every event which provides a wonderful opportunity to know other employees within Invenics and of course to have a lot of fun. Other perks and benefits which I really enjoy are like high street discount vouchers, employee share program, travel to different offices and our free Friday lunch!

4. What would you share with anyone seeking a position at Invenics?

Invenics offers excellent work-life balance, in addition to several events, team building exercises, and work-related trips between the UK and India round the year. If you want to learn new things and make a career while enjoying your work and travelling across different countries irrespective of your work role you can consider joining us.