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A day in the life of Reshwanth

Consultant, Digital SAP

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28 Nov 2022

Personal life & work role

1. Tell us something about yourself and your role at Invenics?

I have three years of experience with the SAP Process Integration tool and one year experience in with SAP Data Intelligence. My role in the Invenics is Consultant, Digital SAP.


2. Describe your typical day at Invenics

I don’t have any typical day at Invenics, though sometimes I face difficulties in finding work-life balance. However, with the support of my team members I have overcame this challenge.

3. How does Invenics help with your work life balance?

Invenics is the not typical corporate company.It always provides eco-friendly worklife balance. We work flexible hours and we strictly do not work on weekends.

Nature of work

1. Describe the kind of clients and/or teams (cross-functional or otherwise) do you work with?

My current role is as ‘Data Engineer’ for a globally recognised Fintech customer using SAP Data Intelligence solution in one of their Index teams.

2. What keeps you motivated and/or challenges you at Invenics?

The leadership here; the rapid growth of the company within a short timespan motivates me more to contribute to the company.

Career development aspects

1. What opportunities do you get here at Invenics for a brighter and better career?

Invenics is a learning hub where we are not restricted to one position or domain. We can learn new things that are not only technical, but gain us managerial or non-technical skills as well.

2. What new skills or knowledge did you acquire here since joining?

Before joining Invenics I had experience with the integration tool, which on it’s own restricts scope of learning. SAP Data Intelligence offers a better opportunity to deepen your knowledge in big-data migration using pipelines and custom operators, whilst learning SQL and Python.

Work culture & Office

1. How would you describe the overall work / office environment, colleagues, and culture at Invenics?

The overall work / office environment we get here is hard to find anywhere else. The support I got from my team lead on my first day, to this date has been very helpful.

2. How would you describe the culture of leadership and management team?

The management team here always care about the personal life of every employee. Especially when I faced some health issues, the management team made it possible for me to work from home until I recovered.

3. What are some of the company benefits which you enjoy the most – from perks, wellness, team activities etc.?

The company offers annual leave, health and life insurance; and benefits like team outings and dinners which I have enjoyed the most.

4. What would you share with anyone seeking a position at Invenics?

For anyone seeking a position here at Invenics, I would say it is one of the finest places to begin your career at. Not only do you get support within your field, but you are also encouraged to explore new domains and technologies.