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Is your business making the most of the various government funding programs? Don't have time to find out or confused about what's best for your business? We're here to help! Get expert advice and round-the-clock support from us.

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Governments all around the world provide a number of incentives in the form of cash benefits for research, innovation, scientific and technology development activities. Our experts will work with your technical and accounting people to prepare robust documentation and analysis for your innovation funding

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From scoping & claim preparation to end-to-end dealing with government bodies

Knowing which incentives to prioritise for your organisation can be tricky and time-consuming. Companies can easily miss out opportunities / under-claim tax benefits as a consequence of overlooking qualifying elements, or aggressively claiming due to a lack of understanding of the rules and boundaries which put them at risk of application rejection.

At Invenics, our incentives specialists can assist you in saving time and tailoring the incentives application program for you. So you are able to focus on your core business priorities, while we make sure you get the maximum benefit you deserve.

What We Do

Our profile & Expertise

We are a diverse team of problem solvers

Invenics is a specialist provider in innovation related funding and incentives advisory services. Our team has an extensive experience of preparing incentives applications for some of the biggest names in the industry and for a wide range of industry sectors in the UK and across the world, with a 100% success rate. Using our experience and proven methodology, we can assist you with your claims and proposals with minimum disruption to your day-to-day business.

Our team comprises a diversity of highly talented individuals with varied experience in several areas of technology including strong experience in R&D Tax Credit claims and innovation related funding having specialised for multiple years.

  • Oil and gas engineering
    Oil and gas engineering
  • Chemical and biochesmistry specialists
    Chemical and biochesmistry specialists
  • Tax, finance & accounting
    Tax, finance & accounting
  • Mechanical engineering
    Mechanical engineering
  • Computer sciences and software engineering
    Computer sciences and software engineering
  • Microsoft certified experts
    Microsoft certified experts
  • Data and AI specialists
    Data and AI specialists
  • SAP & data intelligence
    SAP & data intelligence
  • Technical solution Architects
    Technical solution Architects

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