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FundsDB, a proprietary product from Invenics, is a cutting-edge funding search platform powered by AI and multi-disciplinary data aggregation capabilities.

The platform offers advanced search and data filtering capabilities, making it easy for users to access funding information via their web and mobile devices.

Furthermore, we will also personalise and augment your search experience and funding interests with our tailored funding application and Consulting Services for innovation incentives.


Key features

This state-of-the-art platform simplifies the funding discovery process for innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs with its AI-enriched and multidisciplinary data aggregation capabilities. Key features include:

  • Access to a comprehensive database of funding opportunities including grants, loans, scholarships, awards and more, available across multiple locations.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities, professional application assistance, and innovative consulting services to enhance users' funding journey.  
  • Responsive and intuitive features that make it easily accessible through web and mobile devices, ensuring users can have a seamless funding search experience.    
Key features


Our platform provides a one-stop-shop for diverse funding opportunities with professional application assistance and intuitive tools. The key benefits include:

  • Access to an extensive pool of funding opportunities available in the market 
  • Professional assistance to help with successful finding applications 
  • Up to date funding updates and deadlines ensuring you never miss key deadlines 
  • Device agnostic easy-to-use search and filtering  to refine searches