Global R&D Tax

We are able to help you understand the dynamic landscape of government incentives across the world and how it may impact your innovation investment strategy.



R&D plays a central role in boosting economic growth, job creation, industrial competitiveness, environmental protection as well as advancing human knowledge and well-being. Accordingly, governments, companies and nonprofit organisations around the world have been making substantial investments in R&D, and most countries' incentives policies are continuously being fine-tuned, aiming to become more attractive for R&D investments.

While the core basis of R&D incentives is similar across jurisdictions, with the purpose of rewarding claimants for undertaking R&D via cash injections or reduction of tax liabilities, there are differences in terms of qualifying elements and application procedures. Without knowing the details of incentives schemes in different regions, it could be hard to maximise your funding opportunities. Besides, setting up an overseas R&D practice may involve numerous logistics/administrative challenges, which adds further complication to your decision making and global innovation roadmap planning.


Our Approach

We provide end-to-end services to help you identify, understand and prioritise the right incentives for your organisation.

  • Phase 1: Getting to know your businessEach incentive scheme must be considered in the context of the investment and Innovation lifecycle to achieve the full financial and commercial benefits. So as a first step, we will arrange a meeting with you to understand more about your innovation plan, what stage you are at, and your preference for location selection, etc.
  • Phase 2: Providing you the optimal incentives planWe will come up with an incentives plan tailored to your needs, and we will go through the details of our service offerings and the associated approach.
  • Phase 3: We do the work and you receive the benefitOnce you have confirmed what level of assistance you need from us, we will proceed with the project and complete it within the agreed timeline to help you secure your incentives benefit/achieve global innovation expansion.
Our Approach

Our service offering

We are able to help you understand the dynamic landscape of government incentives across the world and how it may impact your Innovation Investment strategy. By providing Integrated technical and financial expertise, we are able to support you particularly on the following:

General Advice

Provide advice on key topics to help you select suitable locations to create growth and sustainability

  • Provide advice on selection of R&D location
  • Help you structure your innovation roadmap to maximise your future growth

Strategic Location Service

Assist you with company setup and staff relocation.

Tax Relief Assistance

Help you secure the following innovation incentives in the relevant countries:

  • R&D tax credits
  • R&D Allowances R&D related grants
  • R&D related grants
  • Creative Industry tax relief

Legislative Advice & Updates

Help you understand the potential Impact of the latest changes in legislation on your claims and applications.

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