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We provide a broad range of cutting-edge front-end and back-end software development services to help you bring your business ideas to a reality

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We take satisfaction in delivering some of the most important and complicated software solutions. Our expertise across multiple industries and application development environments illustrates our ability to fully customise and cater to your business needs.

From start-ups to medium or large organisations - we help in developing bespoke software products right from shaping an initial idea to a global scale development and execution. Having developed our own software using an enterprise scalable Invenics ‘full stack platform’, we understand how to tailor a robust, secure, and intuitive user experience-based solution that meets your specific business goals and requirements.

We follow five core principles throughout the product development life cycle:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Fast Track Deployment
  • Agile Delivery
  • Enterprise Scale
  • Ergonomic User-Experience

App Development

What we do

As a start-up or established firm serving B2B or B2C audiences in a local or worldwide market, you'll need to build applications tailored to your demands. As an experienced application development firm, we know how to get the job done by offering you with custom designed apps that have full stack capabilities and human-centric UI designs catered to your needed. We ensure that these are powerful, scalable and high performing with the latest technologies available in the market.

With complete client pleasure in mind, we are committed to creating highly engaging apps that fulfil corporate needs and appeal to a wide range of projects.

App Development

Our specialist team of web and mobile developers, UI/UX engineers, data engineers, data scientists and business consultants can deliver small to enterprise scale projects using technologies such as:

  • Languages - Python, React, React Native
  • Web frameworks - Django, Flask
  • Cloud computing - Microsoft Azure, AWS
  • Database - Postgres DB, Mongo DB
  • Flutter, Kafka, RabbitMQ and many more

The world of application development is changing rapidly. Low-code and no-code platforms are becoming more popular, as they allow for rapid development and allow businesses to get their products to market quickly.

We specialise in rapid application development (web, mobile) using the latest low-code platforms in the market, complemented by our expertise in design thinking, agile delivery, and custom component development.

Product design is a critical part of creating successful software products. By using design thinking and rapid design methodologies, we can create robust software products that meet the needs of our customers.

Our proprietary design system incorporates the principles of agile methodologies and modern UI/UX principles, whilst ensuring that we are aligned with the industry to deliver the most compelling and user centric product.

Prototyping is an important aspect of the product development process, but it has traditionally been a bottleneck. Our in-house product designers and software engineers construct rudimentary proof-of-concept models for your comprehension and use.

We help businesses turn ideas into realistic proofs and move these concepts to high-fidelity prototypes that look and perform like final products with our rapid prototyping services. In addition, the process takes products through a succession of validation steps on their way to full-scale development. Our teams work with businesses to revise designs quickly and frequently depending on real-world testing and feedback.

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