Passionate about Science, Technology and Innovation

We strive to be the most successful and trusted partner in your Innovation Lifecycle through our products and services.

With our Innovation funding services and digital development capabilities, we can help you all throughout your Business and Innovation Lifecycle. Our specialist innovation and technology consulting arms bring together some of the industry’s most seasoned advisors who have worked at the helm of their fields for several decades successfully delivering complex and global IT projects.


Our Story

Aim high, Reach Higher

The name Invenics is a play on the combination of “Invention” and words ending in “ics” (e.g. Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Analytics, Mechanics, Robotics and so on…). We were set up with the aim to build an organisation that fuels innovation and provides the underpinning “ics” related to it.

Invenics was incorporated in 2017 with the goal of providing 360-degree coverage of innovation. We help our clients throughout their innovation journey from the outset to the final realisation and focus on three primary areas – (1) finding funding for Innovation from various sources; (2) Technology Consulting to help shape transformation programmes; and (3) Digital Delivery to execute the IT led innovation.

From humble beginning in 2017, we have come a long way. We now have over 100 staff across three offices (London, Gurgaon & Kochi) and are poised to expand further internationally. Along the way we have built some excellent client relationships and matured our internal processes. The timeline on the right shows our evolution through the years.

Scaling up
  • - 100 employees
  • - International Expansion
  • - Alliance and partnerships formed
Gaining height
  • - Global Headcount 55+ ( growing)
  • - 3 Offices (1 UK + 2 India)
  • - India subsidiary established
  • - London HQ launched
Taking flight
  • - Headcount - 17
  • - Employee share programme launched
  • - Strong customer base established
  • - Emerged from Covid with significant growth
Growing Wings
  • - Headcount - 8
  • - Partnership Ecosystem created
  • - Approved as UK Tier 2 Visa Sponsor by UKBA
Setting Roots
  • - Headcount - 2
  • - First customer projects successfully delivered

Invenics was incorporated in 2017 with the goal of providing 360-degree coverage of innovation.


across our offices and growing rapidly


London (UK)
Toronto (Canada)
Gurugram (India)
Kochi (India)


including FTSE listed companies, multinationals, top-tier financial companies and several tech innovators


for our clients across multiple industry sectors

Our Values

We are creating an organisation that all of us can be proud of, and no matter where in the world we function from, we make sure to abide by our core values highlighted below, which encapsulates collective goals in creating an Innovation led firm

Support Each Other
Support Each Other
Support Each Other

No job and no person is big or small. Team-spirit is core value that we embody at Invenics both for our client and vendor network as well as our own team. As innovators, we look at collectively solving a problem rather than hierarchy and that has been the glue for our eco-system as everyone has a strong voice and a seat at the big team table.

Trust and Respect
Trust and Respect
Trust and Respect

We like to walk the talk - and that goes for our clients, teammates, vendors and extended eco-system. As self-driven individuals striving to excel in our niches, trust and respect is a crucial factor that binds us together and gives us the collective strength to break ceilings.

Create Shared Value
Create Shared Value
Create Shared Value

Our people are our biggest strength - and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with an a-team from across the world ensuring that all of us are continuously learning, sharing and growing from our interactions both within and outside of work every single day.

Mission and Vision

Be relentless in the pursuit of excellence

Our mission is to promote innovation through our products and services. We aim to be the trusted advisor for our clients throughout their innovation lifecycle. We enable our clients to find new streams of funding for their innovation projects. We advise them on how to plan for transformation through our consulting services and help them create compelling digital solutions through our delivery services.

Our vision is to become a world class organisation which is considered to be synonymous with innovation. We aspire to be a leading company that generates ideas for the future and develops cutting edge products and services in multiple areas. We strive hard to apply our technical expertise to achieve a leading edge and well respected position amongst the top companies in the world in the field of technology products and advisory services. We want to achieve a position where our team members are well recognised as experts and we are counted amongst the best service providers in our chosen technology fields.

Mission and Vision

Our Leadership Team

Social Responsibility

Making the world extends much beyond work

Our firm is built on strong ethics, commitment to making positive impact to the society and environment.

  • We are creating a company which all of us will be proud of.
  • We will always endeavour to operate ethically above any other considerations.
  • We want to contribute to the society, for those in need, nurturing young talent in the UK and globally.
  • We have a commitment to respect and safeguard the environment within our capacity.
Social Responsibility