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Powering Innovation Lifecycles

Our mission is to promote Innovation across the world. We strive to be the most successful and trusted partner in your Innovation Lifecycle through our products and services.

At Invenics, we are passionate about Science, Technology and Innovation. We can help you all through out your Business and Innovation Lifecycle. Our specialist innovation and technology consulting arm brings together some of the industry’s most seasoned advisors who have worked at the helm of their fields for several decades successfully delivering complex and global IT projects. We have rich experience of effectively advising some of the UK’s most influential companies, some of whom have engaged us in their early stages, and we have been part of their success stories as they grew to become key players in their respective industries. Our people come from traditional Big 4 firms but have an entrepreneurial mindset making them ideal partners in your innovation efforts. Our motive is to provide you with service comparable to those from Big 4 and larger firms with personalised attention at a significant price advantage.

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Our Leadership Team

  • Krishnan KumarPartner, Innovation Incentives and Technology
    Krishnan is one of the most experienced R&D Tax Credits advisers in the UK
  • Suresh KrishnanPartner, Technology Consulting and Product Development
    Suresh has more than 20 years’ experience of providing Business & Technology
  • Rajan KumarPartner, Head of Invenics, India
    Rajan joins us as Partner to take the position of the overall Head of Invenics